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Universal Tach/Hour Meter 0-20000 RPM

Item code: RLHM032R

Universal Tach/Hour Meter 0-20000 RPM, buy, RLHM032R,  art-00135404( 1) | F25
Universal Tach/Hour Meter 0-20000 RPM, price, RLHM032R,  art-00135404( 2) | F25
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Measurement Range 100-20000 RPM
Backlight Green
Degree of Protection IP65
Manufacturer Runleader
Country of Manufacturer China


Universal tachometer RL-HM032R with backlit display and operating hours counter.
Designed to measure engine speed and time of its work.
Use only with a gasoline internal combustion engine.
Connects to the engine spark plug signal wire wrap-around plugs wires (5-6 turns).
The length of the signal wires of 1.5 meters.
The device is fastened using double-sided tape.


1. Click the "SELECT" button several times until the display shows "1P1r". Hold the "SELECT" button in the upper right corner of the screen will not display "SET". Release the button.

2. To switch between the modes of installation press "SELECT".

-1P1r = 1 spark at 1 turnover (2-1 quantum or 2 cylinder, dual ignition system)
-2P1r = 2 1 Sparks on turnover (2-quantum 2-cylinder single ignition system)
-3P1r = 3 Sparks on 1 turnover
-8P1r = 8 Sparks on 1 turnover
-4P1r = 4 Sparks on 1 turnover
-6P1r = 6 Sparks on 1 turnover
-3P2r = 3 2 Sparks on turnover
-5P2r = 5 Sparks on turnover of 2
-1P2r = 1 spark on 2 turnover (4-tact classical ignition with distributor "trampler")
3. Wait for 30 seconds until the display returns to the engine hours counter mode (TOT). Tachometer is now ready for use.

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