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Universal floating sender 240-33 Ohm

Item code: SGE240F33

Universal floating sender 240-33 Ohm, buy, SGE240F33, art-00132872(1)  | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Tainor
  • Country of Manufacturer: China


Length 360-660 mm
Measurement Range 240-33 Ω (Ohm)
Manufacturer Tainor
Country of Manufacturer China


Floating fuel level sensor. Measures fuel level in tanks. Ohm resistance value - 240 Ohm (empty), 33 Ohm (full).


To display accurate information about the amount of liquid in the monitored tank, you must select the level sensor which has the same range of measured resistance as the level gauge.
Not adhering these conditions will lead to incorrect meter reading (liquid level gauge).

Example: 1) correct - level 0-190 Ohm.
Liquid level sensor 0-190 Ohm.
2) wrong - level 0-190 Ohm.
Liquid level sensor 240-33 ohms.

Compatible Sensors and Level Senders

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