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Transom wheels for boats


How to choose transom wheels for PVC inflatable boats

Transom wheels for PVC inflatable boat are indispensable for boat moving. If mechanism is not appropriate, boat moving will cause great difficulties for you. It is the only method to deliver boat to the lake, river or sea shore for those fans of fishing, hinting or marine walk who like to be alone.

Portable transom wheels for PVC inflatable boats – special aspects of using

There is one function of transportation mechanism only – to deliver boat from marina to the water quickly and without any incident. Even if boat is equipped with small light engine, it is not easy task for one or two men to lift such heavy object.

Indeed why should you apply excessive efforts and spend your energy? It is better to spend accumulated energy for productive fishing or for outdoor activity. Especially as you can buy transom wheels for PVC boat at affordable price. Herewith construction reliability will be at high level in every respect.

The most pleasant thing is that transom wheels do not cause any troubles to operation of boat with outboard engine. Instead such rather small device gives tangible advantage. Even if there is one person only, he will seat boat afloat and shore it easily.

How to choose inexpensive and high quality transom wheels for motor boat

Construction of transom wheels is rigid frame (it is important that it is made of stainless steel) and wheels are under it. Widespread models differ by width, diameter and material of construction.

Before choosing and buying transom wheels it is important to understand where will you use them (over which surface – ground, sand, stones/rocks etc.). If you will use transom wheels over the sand, you should choose model with wheels of maximal width. Narrow width transom wheels are convenient for transportation over hard surface. While wheels width does not influence construction reliability and stability.

When you buy transom wheels, please check that there are no elements made of corrosible materials. Best part of modern manufacturers do not allow themselves such things, but if you notice any questionable part, we recommend not to buy such transom wheels. Usually mudguard and other parts are made of foamed polyurethane. Some models are supplied with fixing elements and shipping cover.

When you purchase something in our online store, our specialists will offer consultations for all questions in great detail and free of charge. During short informative talk with our manager you will learn why some models are very cheap, but price for other models is too expensive for no good reason.

Preliminarily we recommend to buy transom wheels with straight stands. The matter is that operating life of such stands is longer, because these stands do not lose shape when using.

Perfect choice is if you buy boat and transom wheels at the same time. Actually in this case you may get both products of the same manufacturer and in addition check how boat and transom wheels fit each other.

There are folding and portable transom wheels in our online store. Each model has its advantages and can bring positive results depending on operation mode. Our experienced specialists will provide you with main details and secrets how to choose transom wheels for several minutes.