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Throw Rope 15 meters

Item code: KAD6L15

Throw Rope 15 meters, buy, KAD6L15,  art-00147032( 1) | F25
Throw Rope 15 meters, price, KAD6L15,  art-00147032( 2) | F25
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US $10.54 US $10.54


Material Polypropylene
Color Orange
Country of Manufacturer Russia


Throw rope, a tool to assist people in danger of drowning.
Rescuer throws rope end with loop to drowning man while holdingthe opposite end. Due to the buoyancy of polypropylene, rope floats on the surface of the water. Drowning grabs and holds the loop and then he is being pulled up to the rescue vessel.


Throw rope is used for small vessels, as well as in rescue swimming positions.

Included in the binding rules of supply of recreational craft.

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