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Tach sensor 65x45 mm

Item code: KE10011

Tach sensor 65x45 mm, buy, KE10011,  art-00120905( 1) | F25
Tach sensor 65x45 mm, price, KE10011,  art-00120905( 2) | F25
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Measurement Range 100-15000 Hz
Voltage 8-32 V
Degree of Protection IP67
Manufacturer Tainor
Country of Manufacturer China


The tachometer sensor (tacho sensor) is installed in the flywheel casing at a distance of 0.5-2.5 mm from the teeth. The adjustment is made by the coefficient selection method on the tachometer display.
With these sensors, you can measure the speed of any device that has a flywheel with teeth.

Compatible Sensors and Level Senders

KY07000, KY07101, KY07003, KY07103

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