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Speedometer Pitot Tube

Item code: JYM1060

Speedometer Pitot Tube, buy, JYM1060,  art-00126485( 1) | F25
Speedometer Pitot Tube, price, JYM1060,  art-00126485( 2) | F25
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Speedometer Pitot Tube, buy, JYM1060,  art-00126485( 8) | F25
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US $10.14 US $10.14

Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Tainor
  • Country of Manufacturer: China


Manufacturer Tainor
Country of Manufacturer China


For speedometers gauge type as Pitot tube used speed sensor.
Using a plastic tube bracket is installed at the bottom of the transom Board. At increase in speed boats, pressure water velocities increased, the air in the tube shrinks and affects the work item the speedometer, which deflects the arrow pointer speed.

Complete Set

• Hose • Plastic bracket • set of anchorages

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