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Transom and tramsom overlays


Transom for PVC boat - special aspects of choosing and use.

In actual fact transom for PVC boat is hard plate and outboard engine is fixed on it. Usually width of transom plate is slightly less or is the same as boat width. Main characteristic of well made transom is high-strength level. If transom is not strong enough, it will not carry a load and will brake under the weight of outboard engine sooner or later. In addition it is important that transom pad meets details of boat or yacht construction.

Best part of boats made of aluminium and plastic are manufactured with built-in transom. Such construction can carry a load of the most powerful engine. In this article we will try to understand special aspects of transoms for inflatable boats.

Main parameter is length/height.

Length of standard engine middle part is 381 mm, but it depends on manufacturer and can vary for 20 – 25 mm. If you manage to find optimum position of outboard engine, number of splash of water will decrease and speed of the boat will increase considerably.

When engine is installed, usually cavitation plate is fixed too low. If you faced with the same problem, just loosen screws a little and move transom to the appropriate height. Then please fix transom position safely and test updated construction.

If you change outboard engine, this does not mean that you have to buy new transom as well. Actually you just need to adjust available transom taking into account specifics of your new outboard engine (specifically length of middle part). Sometimes there are free holes in the plate. We highly recommend to fill these holes with a sealing compound. When you choose necessary height of the engine, please fix position of plate safely.

In addition to decrease of splash of water and increase of speed of the boat correct construction will optimize fuel consumption.

Special aspects of hard/rigid transom.

There is one big difference between rowing boat and motor boat. If boat is designed to use it with outboard engine, there is hard/rigid transom to fix it. Other differences between various motor boats are in special aspects of bottom and engine power.

If boat is made to use it with outboard engine of 2-3HP, usually such boat is with inflatable bottom. There are strips of board across the bottom to make it stronger. If boat can be used with more powerful engine, bottom is reinforced by special floor boars. This detail of construction guarantees safe hydrodynamic planning at maximum speed. There is cover plate for transom of PVC inflatable boat to protect it from mechanic damage.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) are separate matter. Bottom of these boats is V-shape and made of aluminium of plastic. Owner may install outboard engine of up to 150HP on his RIB and this make it possible to move at high speed.

Optimal transom thickness.

It is quite important to choose transom with correct technical characteristics in order you could use your boat and outboard engine safely and effectively. Main characteristics are coating quality, tilt angle and thickness.

Last characteristic directly depends on engine power. For example, outboard engine of 15HP requires transom with thickness from 2, 5 cm. More powerful engines require thickness from 3, 5 cm.

All what you need to know about transom tilt angle.

Optimal angle is from 4 to 6 degrees. This index is currently important for outboard engines of different manufacturers. If angle and inside transom plate are appropriate, propeller operation will be improved and this will have positive impact on fuel consumption and boat speed. If angle is correct, there is minimal risk that propeller may entrap air.

Transom and echo sounder – characteristics of installation/fixing

Plastic plate for PVC boat transom is to fix not outboard engine only, but echo sounder as well. According to the best part of instructions echo sounder should be installed stationary, but the problem is that this device is not much convenient, because it does not guarantee best-case accuracy during installation. Problem solution is portable holder which can fit almost any device.

If you want to make correct choice quickly, buy appropriate transom, plate or other parts for your boat, you just need to contact with our highly skilled specialists. We are ready to help you at any time!

One of our main advantages is that we do not only sell marine parts to our customers, but advise how to install them, how to check whether some or other products work correct or not and how to use them to the maximum safety mode.