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Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome

Item code: JMV00278_KY14005

Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, buy, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 1) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, price, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 2) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, sale, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 3) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, Description, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 4) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, Photo, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 5) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, comparison, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 6) | F25
Oil Temperature Gauge, Black/Chrome, video, JMV00278_KY14005,  art-00120936( 7) | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Tainor
  • Country of Manufacturer: China
  • Measurement Range: 50-150° c


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Measurement Range 50-150° c
Backlight Red/yellow *
Voltage 12 (24+Ω*) V
Degree of Protection IP67/ IP65
External Diameter 53 mm
Display color Black dial
Manufacturer Tainor
Country of Manufacturer China


Oil temperature gauge in black. This appliance is intended for monitoring the temperature of the oil. Used iv vessel dashboard.


* Backlight device can be both red and yellow, the color depends on the connection contacts * when the vehicle voltage 24 boats in installing the resistors in the power circuit is required.

Compatible Sensors and Level Senders

KE01101, KE01108

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