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Impeller Yamaha YD-CD-13/19

Item code: YD-CD-13/19

impeller Yamaha YD-CD-13/19, price, YD-CD-13/19,  art-00014032( 1) | F25
impeller Yamaha YD-CD-13/19, sale, YD-CD-13/19,  art-00014032( 2) | F25
impeller Yamaha YD-CD-13/19, Description, YD-CD-13/19,  art-00014032( 3) | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Country of Manufacturer: Taiwan


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Diameter of Housing for Jet Drive 155 mm
Attack Angle (step) 13/19
Dimensions 180h160h90 mm
Weight 1252 kg
Manufacturer Solas
Country of Manufacturer Taiwan


Concord series impeller with unique geometric design blades. Made of stainless steel by solid casting to ensure stable steps. Designed for water motorcycles Yamaha. Gives excellent traction and extraordinary efficiency, incredible acceleration and maximum performance. Provides ample opportunities for recreation, from water skiing to travel at high speeds.

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