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Hydrofoil SE400, Black

Item code: 74646

Hydrofoil SE400, Black, buy, 74646  art-00127863(1)  | F25
Hydrofoil SE400, Black, sale, 74646  art-00127863(2)  | F25
Hydrofoil SE400, Black, Description, 74646  art-00127863(3)  | F25
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Hydrofoil SE400, Black, comparison, 74646  art-00127863(5)  | F25
Hydrofoil SE400, Black, video, 74646  art-00127863(6)  | F25
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US $132.55 US $132.55

Main characteristics

  • For Engine: 40-300 HP
  • Manufacturer: SportMarine
  • Country of Manufacturer: United States


For Engine 40-300 HP
Material Plastic
Manufacturer SportMarine
Country of Manufacturer United States


Hydrofoils are installed on anti-cavitation plate of outboard boat motors. They facilitate the transition in gliding mode and improve the control of the vessel when turning.
Installiation of this model does not require drilling anti-cavitation plate.

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