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Fuel tank 12L

Item code: C14541

Fuel tank 12L, buy, C14541, art-27877(1)  | F25
Fuel tank 12L, price, C14541, art-27877(2)  | F25
Fuel tank 12L, sale, C14541, art-27877(3)  | F25
Fuel tank 12L, Description, C14541, art-27877(4)  | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Easterner
  • Country of Manufacturer: Taiwan


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Material High-density polyethylene
Capacity 12 l
Length 350 mm
Width 250 mm
Height 230 mm
Filler-hole, Ø 55 mm
Thread 1/4" NPT
Weight 1400 g.
Manufacturer Easterner
Country of Manufacturer Taiwan


Portable fuel tank of oil-plastics without fuel level indicator.
Vent tube built into the filler cap.
The tank is equipped with a fuel intake under fuel adapter with standard 1/4 NPT threaded.
Toplivozabornik has a net sink to filter impurities in the fuel.


When you install the connector, the vent tube the fuel supply must be used to link gasoline-resistant sealer. Also not recommended increased delay elements since it would lead to the conclusion of order threads in plastic elements and would not allow compaction work!

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