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Echosounder Mounts


Mount for echosounder

Reliable mount for echosounder is a guarantee of your equipment’s safety.

Mounts for echosounder are divided in 2 groups – handmade and factory made.  Factory made are much more reliable and safe in use. Our online store is ready to offer you big variety of mounts for echosounders.

Plastic mount for echosounder can be easily stuck on any inflatable boat’s balloon.  But it will take more efforts to mount it securely. The only suitable place would be a hard type seat.  It is also the only appropriate place to mount for those who do not want to stick echosounder to the boat.

 More specifications about mounting ways

Theoretically, you can easily stick echosounder by glue.

But you may find it difficult to choose suitable and accessible place to stick. If the boat is small, you can stick echosounder on cross arm of cockpit or you can stick echosounder to boat’s balloon.

Before you stick echosounder to the bow side, firstly think about possible risk of echosounder being flowed by water. So if you choose to stick your echosounder to the boat, you are better do it on the right or left balloon.

Recommendations for better usage of mount for echosounder

Main advantage of factory-made mount for echosounder is safe and reliable connection both with echosounder and boat.  It is guaranteed by means of strong lock. It will take several minutes only to operate.

If there is no special mount for echosounder, you may also attach echosounder to the inflatable boat by wing screw. But this way has serious disadvantages – hole in seat and constant need to fix the brackets for proper use.

No-drilling mount method of echosounder

You may also connect your echosounder to plastic or plywood plank and then attach it to the seat by special clamp. The plus of this way is that you can change the echosounder location on the seat if needed.

Some users make special metal brackets with ledge for the echosounder. 

There can be various handmade constructions for mount of echosounder, but long experience shows that the best and safest way to use echosounder is to buy a factory made mount for echosounder. We can offer you mounts of echosounder made of high quality plastic, aluminum, wood and PVC.

You can choose reliable and reasonable priced mounts for echosounder in our online store; we are always ready to help you make the best choice.