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Contura Switch (ON)-ON 12V/20A, 7P, LED

Item code: AES111884PAM

Contura Switch (ON)-ON 12V/20A, 7P, LED, buy, AES111884PAM,  art-00117656( 1) | F25
Contura Switch (ON)-ON 12V/20A, 7P, LED, price, AES111884PAM,  art-00117656( 2) | F25
Contura Switch (ON)-ON 12V/20A, 7P, LED, sale, AES111884PAM,  art-00117656( 3) | F25
Contura Switch (ON)-ON 12V/20A, 7P, LED, Photo, AES111884PAM,  art-00117656( 4) | F25
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US $9.07 US $9.07

Main characteristics

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Current: 20 A
  • Contacts: 7


Voltage 12 V
Current 20 A
Contacts 7
Protection IP66 (dust-waterproof)
Display Yes
Switch Type DPDT**
The Scheme of Work (ON) - ON**
Manufacturer AES
Country of Manufacturer Taiwan


1) plan * (ON)-not measured position "pressed", ON which position is "included".
2) type * DPDT-bipolar bidirectional.


Rocker switch without detent equipped with display work. For ease of installation on the dashboard, use the fixing frame: 35600PA100, 35600PA200, AESPA5, AESPA6, AESPA7.

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