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Jerrycan "extreme", red, 7 liters

Item code: kanistra_7

Jerrycan "extreme", red, 7 liters, sale, kanistra_7, art-00134156(1)  | F25

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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Technohim
  • Country of Manufacturer: Russia


Material Plastic
Capacity 7 l
Length 300 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 430 mm
Filler-hole, Ø 50 mm
Weight 1500 g.
Manufacturer Technohim
Country of Manufacturer Russia


Flat 7 liters canister is designed for transportation of all types of fluids.


Thanks to the special shape and size can be fixed virtually anywhere.
Has a convenient carrying handle.
Additional Fuel Can Holder allows you to fasten the canister to the spare car, frame or any other plane. And Cap with Tap for 'Extreme' Canisters will use as a wash for washing utensils, hands, etc.

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