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If we talk about the utility of tents, it is protection. Protection of both the boat and the passengers. Yes, awnings and are used when navigating a boat or a boat. This depends on the type of tent, about what we are going to talk. Depending on the purpose boat tents come in different types. Directional tilt is just the type under which move passengers during rain or places, filled with mosquitoes, midges and other nuisance animals. Such awnings should be strong, but lightweight and breathability, because beneath them will be people. In addition, such awnings should be mounted quickly, preferably without tools, and is as easy to emerge. And it should not hinder the movement of the boat, i.e. must have the correct aerodynamic properties. For transporting boats or boats designed transport tent. Sometimes it's one for the boat and motor, sometimes uses two different tent. In any case, it is only used for a short cover of the vessel. However, it should be durable, tightly embrace the boat, well protected from mechanical impacts. It should be very well fastened to the boat. It is also advisable to choose such light-colored awning to a boat not much warmed up under the Sun. Another view-awning-used for long-term storage of boats in open space. It is intended to protect the boat from dust, soot, wind, sand, and other adverse factors. Requirements for these awnings are the same as for shipping, plus to them should not accumulate water. Finally, use winter tent for boats. This tent is exposed the most adverse effects of nature-winter cold. He must be very strong to reliably protect the boat from them. In addition, under such a tent, you can carry out servicing of boats, even in winter. Boat cover is required in any case, regardless of the size of the boats. Good tents for boats and yachts are produced on the most modern technologies. Tissue in them light, strong, well cleaned, occupy little space. Also, these fabrics do not have to stretch, deform under loads. Essential functional quality tent is waterproof. Before you buy, learn all these characteristics. Far from being the most important parameter is the price. Other important qualities of awnings are colour fastness (ability to retain color regardless of the different influences), durability (tarp should not be torn when various effects), as well as the convenience of fastening to boat or boat. All this will keep your boat or your boat in one piece, and you get a lot of pleasure from its use.