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Navigation Lights


How to choose navigation lights correctly?

Navigation lights belong to category of accessories which are necessary for sure. It is because of International navigation rules and special aspects of installation are regulated by International Collision Avoidance rules.

Why navigation lights are requited to be installed on the boat?

Actually at night navigation lights on big and small size boats inform everyone about current boat location – boat speed, towing operation or anchoring. Predetermined combinations send necessary information to all boats of close water area. Actually there is no other way to avoid collision at night or during fog. That is why navigation lights are checked carefully every time before leaving marina – it is indispensable condition of safety rules.

Types of navigation lights:

  • All-round lights and towing lights,
  • Flashlights and sidelights,
  • Stern light and masthead/top lights.

Navigation lights may operate on mains power supplies available on the boat or on batteries (your choice depends on operation conditions). Now even owners of inflatable boats can buy navigation lights for their boats and additional lightning as well.

Installation notes

Details of navigation lights installation and main requirements to installation method, construction and other characteristics are stated in the Navigation Rules. Additional information is available in River Register and Registry of Shipping.

If small vessel is not equipped with navigation lights according to Navigation Rules, owner can not use such vessel at night (under conditions of limited visibility).

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