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Bow Anchor Rollers


Anchor rim for inflatable boat – types and special aspects of installation.

Owners of boats and yachts know anchor rim under name of anchor roller. Usually anchor roller is applied to fix rope securely when anchor is fully up or fully down.

Important moment is quick and high-reliability fixation within several seconds. At the same time it is fairly simple to set rope free.

Fishermen who did not use anchor roller before will definitely evaluate convenience of this device. The matter is that most of the time your hands are free, because there is no necessity to fix rope by difficult knots and then clear them.

Anchor rim for boat – main models available on market.

There are several models depending on name:

- cleat is developed specifically for inflatable boats made of PVC. This product got its name from distinctive appearance and it looks like duck beak. There is rope clamp in the middle part of the product. It depends on manufacturer, but length of part for loop may be different and parameters of other construction parts are similar.

- ring eyebolt or handle eyebolt is developed for inflatable boats made of PVC as well. This construction is the simplest one. If it is necessary, you can use handle to carry boat.

- other models (like Badger, etc.) are not so widespread and popular.

Special aspects of installation.

The best variant is to buy boat with already installed device. The matter is that fixation from manufacturer is maximally safe and reliable. Herewith under factory environment device will be installed in the correct position for sure.

Nevertheless if you buy boat without anchor rim, it is realistic to install it on your own, because device will lighten process of working with anchor.

In most cases anchor rim is fixed in the front part of the boat or yacht, that is why usually it is called as nose anchor rim. It is quite important to install it correctly; in order rope is not in the contact with the boat during operation.  If you can not reach necessary effect, special roller will help you. You just need to install it in the place of contact (contact between rope and boat).

If your boat is quite big, you should buy two anchor rims/rollers and install them in most convenient places.

If you are looking for anchor rim/roller, just refer to specialists of our online store and they will help you to make choice based on characteristics of your boat.