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Backpack jerrycan, 12L

Item code: PRK-12

Backpack jerrycan, 12L, buy, PRK-12, art-00138900(1)  | F25
Backpack jerrycan, 12L, price, PRK-12, art-00138900(2)  | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Polytechnic
  • Country of Manufacturer: Russia


Material polyurethane
Capacity 12 l
Filler-hole, Ø 24 mm
Dimensions 590x420 mm
Weight 460 g.
Working Temperature from-55° c to + 50° c
Manufacturer Polytechnic
Country of Manufacturer Russia


Mild backpack canister PPH-12.
Canister are intended for storage and transportation: gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, etc. petroleum products, as well as drinking fluids (only clean the canister, not used under the fuel).
Consists of internal sealed, oil-resistant polymer liner and Outer fabric shell.
Satchel is equipped with straps for carrying, and filler neck with an airtight lid.


1. keep the oil in the PPH at a distance of less than 4 meters from heating and electric heating appliances.
2. Smoke and use an open flame during operation of PPH.
3. Disassemble and damage other parts and wrappers of PPH.
4. keep away from children.
5. Place the filled PPH with objects that may damage the casing. Throw and move the haul.
6. Store filled with oil products of PPH in homes and in direct sunlight.
7. Fill food after petroleum.
8. Heat over 45° c.
9. Fill PPH over nominal capacity.

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