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Air Pumps Valve Adapters


Valves and adapters for inflatable boats made of PVC – types, configurations, specific checks.

At first sight valve is not the most important part for inflatable boat, but if we study role of this small item in more details, situation and our opinion will change quite opposite. If valve brakes, boat owner faces with serious problems. Worst-case scenario is accident when you are on the open sea, river or lake. That is why you should choose valve carefully, taking into account boat model and characteristics.

Configuration and main types.

Depending on details of construction there are screw-in valves and reed valves.

In the first case products consists of two parts only: plug and built-in in the boat body flange. Possibility of failure is very small, so there is no problem with deflation and inflation. Nevertheless we should mention one negative moment. Pump with locking mechanism is required for effective use. It is highly recommended to turn plug as quick as possible, because pressure is decreasing at that moment.

Reed valve consists of plug with fixing element, diaphragm and body. During inflation diaphragm let air go inside, then returns back and does not allow air to go out. This construction is considered to be the perfect one. It make possible to avoid pressure loss and to inflate boat very quickly. Nonetheless there is one problem. If any foreign object gets under diaphragm, this may cause air drain.

Valves for inflatable boats are made in Russia, China, Italy and some other countries. Products made in China and Russia are the best one based on the price to quality ratio. Experienced boat owners recommend giving preference to accessories of the same brand as the boat.

In our online store you may find products of different types and constructions:

1. air valve with safety stop for inflatable boat.

2. drain valve with cap, plug and trim for inflatable boat.

3. gaskets, hoses, fittings for pumps, manometers for inflatable boats etc.

All types of products and accessories for them are supplied from manufacturers directly, that is why we offer prices attractive for our esteemed customers.

How to check valve?

Actually it is quite easy to check efficiency of the product. Any special tools or items are not required. There are several simple methods:

1. If boat is inflated and ready for using, try to apply soap solution on it. If you see soap bubbles, this means that part is defective and you should replace it. The reaction is the same, if valve is installed not tight and there is air leaking.

2. Put boat on water or in tank with water. If there is air leaking, you will see bubbles going up as well.

It is advisable to choose correct fitting for pump and check valve carefully each time when you want to use your boat. It is the only way to avoid unpleasant situations during fishing, hunting or marine walk.

Safety valve - details of construction, types and special moments of installation.

Safety valve is product to depressurize boat which is inflated too much. Operation is organized through spring effect which press diaphragm. If boat is inflated too much, diaphragm moves aside and air goes away through the hole. After pressure normalization it returns to original position.

Where to buy safe valve and relevant fitting for pump?

In our online store you may find valves for boat of combined construction and valves of non-combined construction. Valves of combined construction are not so popular because of impracticality. Non-combined construction valves can be repaired and replaced in case of damage.

If you want to make correct choice quickly, buy appropriate valves, fittings or other parts for your boat, you just need to contact with our highly skilled specialists. We are ready to help you at any time!

One of our main advantages is that we do not only sell marine parts to our customers, but advise how to install them, how to check whether some or other products work correct or not and how to use them to the maximum safety mode.