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3 Blade 7-1/2x7R propeller, Suzuki

Item code: 5811198651019

3 Blade 7-1/2x7R propeller, Suzuki, buy, 5811198651019,  art-00010135( 1) | F25
3 Blade 7-1/2x7R propeller, Suzuki, price, 5811198651019,  art-00010135( 2) | F25

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Main characteristics

  • 2-stroke: DT4-5
  • 4-stroke: DF4-6
  • Made in: Japan


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Propeller Specs 3x7,1/2x7R
Number of Blades 3
Propeller Diameter 7.5 "
Propeller Pitch 7 "
Material Aluminium
Setting on Shaft Pin
Rotation Right
Propeller Bush Short
Brand Suzuki
Made in Japan

Compatible with Suzuki:

2-stroke DT4-5
4-stroke DF4-6

Please note

When selecting propeller for your needs, keep in mind that besides pitch and propeller's diameter there are other characteristics to pay close attention to, such as diameter of the propeller hub and amount of splines in the bushing sleeve.

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