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3 Blade 15x17R propeller, LH, Volvo Penta

Item code: 854997

3 Blade 15x17R propeller, LH, Volvo Penta, buy, 854997,  art-00052840( 1) | F25
3 Blade 15x17R propeller, LH, Volvo Penta, price, 854997,  art-00052840( 2) | F25
3 Blade 15x17R propeller, LH, Volvo Penta, sale, 854997,  art-00052840( 3) | F25
3 Blade 15x17R propeller, LH, Volvo Penta, Description, 854997,  art-00052840( 4) | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Propeller Pitch: 17 "
  • Brand: Volvo Penta
  • Material: Aluminium


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Propeller Specs 3x16x15R
Number of Blades 3
Propeller Diameter 15 "
Propeller Pitch 17 "
Number of Splines 17
Material Aluminium
Setting on Shaft Splines
Rotation Right
Column type Volvo Penta SP 200-290
Brand Volvo Penta
Made in Sweden


The increased blade area of ​​the high-speed propellers makes them most suitable for use with powerful engines and at high speeds. For a high-speed vessel, this means not only an increase in speed, but also a faster planing and additional fuel economy. The excellent reversal characteristics of these screws ensure fast and safe maneuvering.

Please note

When selecting propeller for your needs, keep in mind that besides pitch and propeller's diameter there are other characteristics to pay close attention to, such as diameter of the propeller hub and amount of splines in the bushing sleeve.

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