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Topside Fuel Tank 65L

Item code: SE2022

Topside Fuel Tank 65L, buy, SE2022, art-00087703(1)  | F25
Topside Fuel Tank 65L, price, SE2022, art-00087703(2)  | F25
Topside Fuel Tank 65L, sale, SE2022, art-00087703(3)  | F25
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US $297.44 US $297.44

Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: CAN-SB
  • Country of Manufacturer: Italy


Material High-density polyethylene
Capacity 65 l
Length 800 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 280 mm
Fuel connector Ø 11 mm
Filler-hole, Ø 47.5 mm
Vent fitting, Ø 17/19 mm
Optimal height for fuel level sender 275 mm
Thread 1/4" NPT
Weight 6000 g.
Manufacturer CAN-SB
Country of Manufacturer Italy


Universal stationary fuel tank can be used as portable thanks to handles.
On the top side of the tank is an inspection hatch through which easily produce an internal examination of the tank and cleaning it. On the cover hatch are adapters to attach the riser of the fuel hose and fitting of ventilation pipe, filler-hole, standard Mount for mounting the sensor level hole with standard thread 1/4 NPT fitting for installation reverse draining fuel. Filler cap equipped with air bleeder.
Made of high density plastic, so aggressive fuel impurities shall be without prejudice to Baku.


For this tank will fit the following level sensors:
• 66180C-fuel level sensor for tanks with a height of 20-60 cm
• JS60060-275 mm gauge 0-190 Ohm (euro)
• JS60339-275 mm gauge 240-33 Ohms (US)
When you install some gauges require additional gasket.


When you install the connector, the vent tube the fuel supply must be used to link gasoline-resistant sealer. Also not recommended increased delay elements since it would lead to the conclusion of order threads in plastic elements and would not allow compaction work!

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