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Steering control for motor boats

Steering systems for boats and yachts

When you sail your boat, there is steering wheel only within the field of your view. Such important elements as cables, drag link and steering helm are invisible. Nevertheless these parts exactly are quite important for successful and safety sailing.

It is not so difficult to inspect modern steering systems comparing with old one which consisted of numerous cables and wires connected steering lever with steering wheel.

Now main aim of each yachtsman is to know possible failure causes and try to avoid them. Necessary range of measures is not so difficult to complete. It is just enough to check whether basic mechanisms are fixed well, open system parts are protected from corrosion and to grease all sliding surfaces.

Most common failure is drag link breakdown. Usually it is because of oxide and corrosion in those places where drag link is attached to outboard engine. Timely greasing helps to avoid this problem.

Control of all machine parts could move freely and be clean. It is easy to handle this task. Please clean connections of rust and dirty, especially inner surface and levers. It is recommended to apply grease after cleaning. This procedure should be done once per 6 months. If component wear can be noticed with the naked eye, we recommend replacing it.

In our online store you can find wide range of steering helms and cables for them (Pretech and TeleflexMorse brand).

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us and our highly skilled and experienced technical specialists will be glad to help you!