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Spark plug NGK BR8HS, 6715

Item code: 6715_BR8HS

Spark plug NGK BR8HS, 6715, buy, 6715_BR8HS,  art-00053041( 1) | F25
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Main characteristics

  • Thread Length: 12.7 mm
  • Contact Terminal Type: Fixed
  • Manufacturer: NGK


Thread Diameter 14 mm
Thread Pitch 1.25 mm
Conection Type Die-casting machine washer
Resistor Available
Resistor Resistance 5K Ohm
Thread Length 12.7 mm
Hexahedral Key Size 21 mm
Contact Terminal Type Fixed
Total Length Without Thread 50.5 mm
Spacing Between Electrodes 0.7 mm
Heat Range 8
Manufacturer NGK
Country of Manufacturer Japan

Characteristics of electrodes

Central Electrode Material Nickel
Central Electrode Type Standard
Central Electrode Diameter 2.5 mm
Central electrode offset forward No
Side Electrode Material Nickel
Side Electrode Type Standard
Number of Side Electrodes. 1


Spark plug important element by proper selection of engine, this efficiency depends on the details of the entire engine.


Spark plug special design with a noise resistor. The resistor is made of composite materials to ensure high performance and reliability. The gap between the electrodes of standard thread length-19 mm. Candle is made of aluminosilicate materials, reducing the level of pollution.

Construction features

Resistor-fluctuating energy in time of creating sparks, form the radio frequency interference. Data interference affect power stations, radio transmitters and electronic control units, including engine control unit. Usually the resistor has a monolithic structure made of graphite and glass, his task is to organize the Central electrode voltage inside the candles.
Because the resistor has a resistance, candles not equipped them with more powerful spark, as reduced energy loss in passage through the Central electrode. For this reason, most sports and racing engines use candles without a resistor. Note, however, that if the manufacturer setting of candles with resistor, then the installation can adversely without candles affect the operation of this engine.

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