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Rod Holders


Holder for fishing rod – important moments during fishing on board.

Rod holder is must have item for those who go out in sea and prowl rivers for fishing with spinning rod.

There are several methods of installing spinning rod on the board:

First method – use simple device which looks like clamp (operating principle and construction). Such rod holders will fit plastic and aluminium boats and yachts perfectly. If boat is made of PVC material, holder should be fixed on the transom or on the seat.

Main advantage of clamp type rod holder is easy handling. If boat is made of PVC material, usually rod holder takes a lot of useful space and causes inconveniences.

Second method - screw fastening. It is easy to install such rod holders on boards of aluminium or FRP boats and yachts. Owners of PVC inflatable boats will not remain uninvolved, thanks to special adapters which can be fixed on the boat balloon by glue.

In addition to construction of rod holder we should pay attention to material and manufacturing quality of inside and outside elements too. Properly designed construction makes it possible for spinning rod to turn om its axis and change tilt angle. Indispensable condition and quality character is rigid fixation in each position.

In our online store you may find rod holders for two, three and even four fishing rods, cut-in and placed on mounts type.

If you are not sure if you can choose correct rod holder on your own, have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and our highly skilled and experienced technical specialists. We will be glad to help you!