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Marine Toilets

Marine toilets without toilet ship impossible to imagine a modern yacht. Each yacht must be equipped with the minimum facilities. There are some important points that you must consider when using ship toilets: 1. Using toilet paper is not provided for the construction of the ship. The paper used must be disposed of in a special bag or box. Failure to observe this can completely block all the work toilets, which will require complete disassembly. 2. do not keep the toilet valve in the rinsing position seawater. Though very gradually, but sea water will flow into the toilet bowl until it starts gushing out right on the floor, flooding the boat. In the shops of the company «1000» Sizes you can buy toilets ship with manual and electric fanfare at reasonable prices, as well as here you will find kits, toilets with manual pump and kits that allow you to redo the Manual toilet in the coffee.