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Fixed Height Plug-In Rack, L457mm

Item code: 3301818

Fixed Height Plug-In Rack, L457mm, buy, 3301818,  art-00119555( 1) | F25
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US $38.34 US $38.34

Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer: Springfield
  • Material: Anodized aluminium


Material Anodized aluminium
Length 457 mm
Class (ABYC H-31) "AD" (Driver)
Diameter 73 mm
Manufacturer Springfield
Country of Manufacturer USA
Country of Manufacturing China


Fixed-length rack for chairs.


Base for this rack: • 3300850A1-Base diameter 229x73mm cutting mount for racks Plug-in Also compatible with seat mounts: • 3100021-"Mount for seat 7

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