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Deck Fillers


Deck filler. Types and special aspects of using.

One of the main reasons why outboard engine works smooth is appropriate fuel supply. In case of high power engine fuel supplies to specially made and built in fuel tank directly.Deck filler is device for fuel to get into fuel tank quickly and without any loss.

Types of deck filler:

Corner (for angled surface) and straight (for horizontal plane). In addition there are different types of deck filler for diesel and for gasoline (usually information about applicability is indicated on the cover). This information can help you to avoid some problems (for example, when you fill gasoline engine by diesel). Usually deck fillers are made of metal or plastic. Hole diameter is 38 or 50 mm. To choose correct deck filler you should know products of which manufacturer fit your boat better. Well-experienced and qualified specialist of our online store will help you with this. Device construction allows using inside hose which is connected with plug. It is opened by special wrench, tightened threadedly or has standard mechanism of open/close operation. Best models are products with diameter of 50 mm. Thanks to these products fuel is supplied to the fuel tank quickly and conveniently.

Our online store offers wide range of deck fillers for water and for diesel, made of strong modern plastic and metal. Products which are time proved and made by leading manufacturers from China, Italy and Taiwan are convenient, practical and can be used for unlimited period.