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Hawse and half-hawse

Half-hawse is a special hole in bulwarks, which is used for passing tow lines and dock lines.

Features of use

Yachtsmen should act very quickly and carefully while laying heavy ropes.  Any small carelessness can lead to arm or leg getting into bundle and cause slight or serious injuries. The shape of additional equipment used for laying is specially rounded to minimize friction force.Shackles are generally made of bronze or iron. Lines are connected by piston pin or threaded bolts. Shackle is truly considered one of widely used appliances for the yacht.  Professional yachtsmen always have shackles on hand.

Our online store is ready to offer you wide range of brand hawses and half-hawses:

Straight stainless steel half-hawse is used for laying back and bow dock lines, fixing anchor cable, it also helps to control rope move and reduce the load on anchor winch. All the components have a rounded shape to minimize the possible friction force. Fasteners are located 95 mm apart. Bow hawse is generally used to reduce winch rope or dock lines’ friction force towards the yacht hull. It is easily fixed with cut-in screw. Bow hawse is made of stainless steel.Also supplied are outdoor left/right hawses, deck hawse.

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