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Bravo BST800 Electric Pump

Item code: 6130132

Bravo BST800 Electric Pump, buy, 6130132,  art-00157083( 1) | F25
Bravo BST800 Electric Pump, price, 6130132,  art-00157083( 2) | F25
Bravo BST800 Electric Pump, sale, 6130132,  art-00157083( 3) | F25
Bravo BST800 Electric Pump, Description, 6130132,  art-00157083( 4) | F25
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US $366.98 US $366.98

Main characteristics

  • Brand: Scoprega
  • Country of Manufacturer: Italy


Brand Scoprega
The number of stages 2
Performance 150/450 l/min
Connection type Battery Clip-On
Maximum Pressure 0.8 Bar
Time of continuous operation 15 A
Pump Type Electric
Country of Manufacturer Italy
Country of Manufacture China


Bravo BST800 is able to work independently for approximately 15 minutes (enough to inflate boats up to 5 m). Charging is carried out through a regular cigarette lighter of car or boat.
Its unique structrcure provides rapid inflation of volume and further pressurising up to value set by user with special regulator. Circuit breaker will turn the pump off when selected pressure is reached.
You can also inflate and deflate air with it.

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