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Drain Plugs & Scupper Drains

After reading this article you will get comprehensive information about the purpose, features and operation choice of water connectors, which are used to drain the water in small boats. Scupper aimed at draining the water, made of solid stainless steel, so don't afraid of corrosion, exposure to sea water with a high content of salts and resistant to mechanical damage. Generally, standard products are designed to drain water overboard or in-between. The fixture consists of two parts. The bulk of the securely attaches to the boat using a special nut. The process of installation is greatly facilitated thanks to two ledges, which are within the špigata. With their help, manages to reach the maximum level of reliability in the process of tightening the nuts. To connect to a device to drain the hose, it is recommended to use a convenient adaptor-herringbone pattern, which is in the main part of the device. The most common mistake when buying špigata-wrong approach to determining the size of the product. To avoid it, we recommend that you make preliminary gaugings deck openings and compartments where you plan to install the device, and also get a short but effective expert advice. A wide range of devices to drain and water intake In the catalog of the Internet shop "1000" scuppers are presented different sizes and parameters suitable for small boats and yachts of all types. Wide range allows you to select the product that is most relevant for the model of the ship. In addition to stainless steel fixtures in store are: 1. plastic scuppers with threaded plug. 2. water connectors, specially adapted to connect hose. 3. Angular connectors for water. 4. Screw and drain plugs with zaŝelkivaûŝimsâ mechanism. 5. Drain plugs with chain. 6. T-shaped and round, as well as the plastic cap for the sides and bottoms. 7. Seacocks, complete with ball valve. 8. for water diversion Device designed for cooling the engine. System reset water yacht operating on certain principles and requires extremely careful. If you have any questions about the features of the fence or drain the water on your boat, you can always expect to receive free consultations on relevant issues.