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Boat Spotlights



Is important component of your boat, as it significantly reduces the risk of accidents on water.Low visibility and lack of additional lightning are the main reasons of such accidents. That is why if you are thinking to buy any vessel or yacht, you are strictly recommended to choose appropriate lightning tools.Nowadays LED equipment becomes more and more popular, you can find wide range of such lightings in our online store. Modern LED equipment has proved its high energy efficiency and safety for use.

The spotlight set includes remote control, searchlight, control box and cable joystick. Spotlight equipment should be chosen according to vessel dimensions - the lesser vessel is, the smaller spotlight diameter is allowed to use.

The ray of LED is a narrow beamed light flow. Such lightning way is good for loads and unloads, passengers boarding and getting off, it is also helpful for lightning small areas.

The modern LED equipment for yachts has several advantages, such as:

  • Minimum risk of injures and burns,
  • Long operation period of searchlight and other spotlight equipment,
  • More powerful lightning comparing to incandescent lamps,
  • Ability to keep up with strong vibrations, which guarantees long and safe exploitation

Most spotlights in our online store are white or back colored, some are painted metallic.

Please feel free to study our catalogue of spotlights, and if any questions, we are always ready to help.