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Hydraulic Steering Systems


Hydraulic steering system for boat

Hydraulic steering systems for boat available in our online store are very popular on Japan domestic market. This fact is guarantee of high quality and excellent operational characteristics.

Besides that hydraulic steering systems have the following advantages:

  • All elements are made with the use of wear-resistant materials and this guarantees smooth operation even under hard conditions.
  • System level of safety is higher than best part of international standards and regulations.
  • Each hydraulic steering system is subject to careful pre-delivery inspection, that is why possibility of buying hydraulic steering systems with manufacturing defect is really small.
  • Basis of manufacturing is progressive technological innovations which guarantee high-reliability.
  • If you decided to buy hydraulic steering system of Marol brand, you can be sure that your choice is right.

Extra features

Hydraulic steering systems of Marol brand have an obvious advantage over systems of other manufactures thanks to extra-high immunity to salt water.

All elements necessary for owner to install hydraulic steering system on his own are supplied together with system. Detailed instruction is also available, so additional information and assistance will not be required.

System guarantees high power during smooth running. If you control high power/capacity engine, you should not worry about feedback effect. Hydraulic steering systems of Marol brand are appropriate for almost all types of boats and vessels.


Power range of engines which are appropriate for hydraulic steering systems of Marol brand is 200-300HP. Product approved itself perfectly, it can work with double, triple and single steering systems without any problem. Hydraulic pump which we offer is compatible with two hydraulic cylinders at one time.

Product is protected by manufacturer warranty and it is supplied together with fully correct accompanying documents.

You can place order on our web-site or just can call to our call center. Our managers are ready to answer your questions at any time!