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Cable Boots


Cable clam

Every part of boat or yacht is quite important and it should be on its proper place. Boat control, moving on it and deck occupancy should bring highest possible pleasure and comfort. There are a lot of accessories for comfort and each of them plays its role. Sometimes you may think that some small part is not necessary, but only after installing it you will feel great difference as well as higher level of comfort.

 Modern boat or yacht is high-technology construction with great quantity of electrical equipment. There are a lot of cables of different diameters getting through boat body and bulkheads. To provide safe operation and to keep water aside from the cable connection places, we suggest using cable clams. Cable clams provide safety on board rather than give aesthetic appearance to your boat.

 If you want to get high quality cable clam, you have come to the right place: we offer wide range of cable clams from 6 to 19 mm, made in Japan and Taiwan ROC. Affordable prices do not influence quality negatively. Quality is tested through practice.

 All cable clams are made of high quality metal with reliable additional materials. Clams are characterized by high versatility and are appropriate for all types of boats, yachts and other vessels.

 It is easy to buy Cable Clam in our online store. If you have any questions or need a piece of advice, do not hesitate to contact us and our highly skilled and experienced technical specialists. We will be glad to help you!