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Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH

Item code: 1001712

Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH, buy, 1001712,  art-00004574( 1) | F25
Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH, price, 1001712,  art-00004574( 2) | F25
Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH, sale, 1001712,  art-00004574( 3) | F25
Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH, Description, 1001712,  art-00004574( 4) | F25
Bilge pump, 12V, 1000GPH, Photo, 1001712,  art-00004574( 5) | F25
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US $36.74 US $36.74

Main characteristics

  • Capacity GPH/LPM: 1000/63
  • Voltage, V: 12
  • Manufacturer: TMC


Pump Type Centrifugal
Auto mode No
Voltage, V 12
Current, A 5
Dimensions 145x110x95 mm
Max. Delivery Head 4
Pumped Liquid Water
Outlet Dia. 29 mm
Manufacturer TMC
Country of Manufacturer Taiwan
Capacity GPH/LPM 1000/63


This drain centrifugal pump is used to remove bilge water from the boat. The design of the pump enables manual or automatic activation. For automatic mode a separate switch is required.

Please note

The performance of the pump is indicated for pumping water horizontally. If you have to pump the water up, the capacity will drop by 25-30% when you’re moving water up 3 to 4 feet.

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