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3 Blade 10-1/4x10R propeller, BS.Pro

Item code: 110301041A1000S

3 Blade 10-1/4x10R propeller, BS.Pro, price, 110301041A1000S,  art-00093888( 1) | F25
3 Blade 10-1/4x10R propeller, BS.Pro, sale, 110301041A1000S,  art-00093888( 2) | F25
3 Blade 10-1/4x10R propeller, BS.Pro, Description, 110301041A1000S,  art-00093888( 3) | F25
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US $77.92 US $77.92

Main characteristics

  • 2-stroke: DT20-30
  • 4-stroke: DF25-30
  • Number of Splines: 10
  • Made in: South Korea


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Propeller Specs 3x10,1/4x10R
Number of Blades 3
Propeller Diameter 10.25 "
Propeller Pitch 10 "
Number of Splines 10
Material Aluminium
Setting on Shaft Splines
Rotation Right
Brand BS.Pro
Made in South Korea

Compatible with Suzuki:

2-stroke DT20-30
4-stroke DF25-30

Please note

When selecting a propeller, besides pitch and diameter, special attention should be paid to the diameter of the hub and the number of splines.

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